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Overdue Results Report (Fixtures played 2 or more days ago)
Could Home Teams please bring these up to date as soon as possible.
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Day Date Time Division Home Team AwayTeam
Tuesday 17-Mar-2020 19:00 RACKETBALL PREMIER DL Southampton Drifters Nuffield Knicks
Wednesday 18-Mar-2020 18:40 RACKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Nuffield Nobles DL Ringwood Rebels
Wednesday 18-Mar-2020 19:20 RACKETBALL PREMIER Fair Oak Racketeers DL Ringwood Rogues
Sunday 22-Mar-2020 18:30 RACKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Avenue All Stars LoS Racketeers
Sunday 29-Mar-2020 18:00 RACKETBALL PREMIER Fair Oak Pharaohs Nuffield Nutters
Tuesday 31-Mar-2020 19:00 RACKETBALL PREMIER DL Southampton Drifters Fair Oak Racketeers
Tuesday 31-Mar-2020 18:40 RACKETBALL PREMIER Nuffield Knicks Fair Oak Funsters
Wednesday 01-Apr-2020 19:20 RACKETBALL PREMIER DL Ringwood Rogues LoS Bandits
Friday 03-Apr-2020 18:40 RACKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP LoS Racketeers Nuffield Nobles
Tuesday 07-Apr-2020 18:40 RACKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Nuffield Knights Avenue All Stars
Tuesday 07-Apr-2020 18:00 RACKETBALL PREMIER Fair Oak Funsters DL Southampton Drifters
Thursday 09-Apr-2020 18:40 RACKETBALL PREMIER Nuffield Nutters Fair Oak Funsters